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Sandra (My entry piece XD) Empty Sandra (My entry piece XD)

Post  Laura Buczynski on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:38 am

One dreadful step after another, crunch, crunch. The snow flattened beneath the little Sandra's feet. The only comfort she has in the world is there in her grasp. A teddy bear, torn at the seams, ripped in a multitude of places, and missing one of two eyes. This was the only gift ever given to her. Finally, Sandra arrived at the place she was forced to call home. It looked as any other house did on the outside. It had a light blue paneling with a black roof. It was small and did not provide enough places to hide. She cringed slightly when she saw a car in the driveway. She approached the door and took a deep, soothing breath before facing what was to come. She twisted the knob and silently crept inside. Relief flooded her body when she saw her stepmother's eyes shut tight. Still worried that her father might be home, she tip-toed into her bedroom.

Sandra placed her things on the floor next to the only piece of furniture in her tiny room. She sat down on the small yellow chair and opened her bag. She didn't have any homework from that day, but she took out the pencil she had found under her desk that day and a worksheet from earlier that week. She flipped the worksheet over to find the back blank. The closest thing to a smile appeared on Sandra's face as her pencil swiftly flew across the page. Fright filled her eyes as the front door slammed shut. Her pencil dropped and she gently placed her nearly finished drawing in the corner with her other papers. Sandra looked out the window and saw the moon high in the sky. "Have I been drawing for that long?"

Her thoughts were interrupted by a low, mean growl. "Where is that ungrateful little brat?" That was the unmistakable voice of her dad and he was obviously drunk, again. Sandra's heart rate quickened as the door of her room swung open and slammed against the wall. His eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of liquor and cigarettes. He had a crushed can in one of his hands. He threw the crushed can at Sandra. It left a small cut across her cheek. Her father walked forward and bent down to her level. His grimy finger wiped the blood that was oozing down her cheek. She sat there, motionless, with wide eyes. Rage filtered through her father's as the alcohol hit him. She struggled as she was lifted out of her chair. A scream crept up and out of her throat as little Sandra was taken to the back yard. Her dad was taking her to the Dogs.

These weren't just any dogs. These were the biggest, meanest, loudest pair of dogs that had ever passed the face of the earth, or so Sandra thought. The moment the dogs looked up the mad barking began. Sandra just had a sliver of hope left before she looked her father in the eyes with her own fear filled eyes. All she could see was hate, pure hate. The one single shred of hope had disintegrated by now.

Sandra tried to think about what she could have done to deserve such a punishment, but came up blank She couldn't help but think of the many times he had done something like this. It reminded the time when her father wasn't drunk at all. He couldn't have been otherwise she would have killed her. He had his wife hold her down as she stuck a chopstick beneath her skin. She still had the scars to prove that it had happened, but she could never tell anyone.

She tried so hard to think, or react but the loud barking was just too much to handle. Sandra hoped that the neighbors would notice how abnormally loud the dogs were barking. The neighbors would notice if they didn't see little Sandra walking home, wouldn't they? Someone would call the police, or so she hoped.

With one slight flick of her father's wrist, she was sent flying into the center of the empty backyard. Sandra hit the hard snow with a thud. She cringed as the dogs could be heard only a foot away. Pain hit her hard, and it was the only thing she could feel. No matter how cold it should have been, Sandra thought the world had been lit on fire as her head lay in red snow. The dogs seemed to attack with no hesitation, not at all thinking that they were hurting a small girl. Their teeth peirced her flesh, then removed themselves quickly. Finally everything was dark and she couldn't see or feel anything. Sandra couldn't help but ask herself if she was dead yet. Sadly she knew the answer was no.

Only minutes had passed until the dogs became bored and she was dragged back inside. From wood to carpet to tile, she was dragged into the kitchen. She was lifted up onto the cold hard countertop. The sharp sound of a knife being pulled out filled the silent room. Sandra gasped for air as she realized what was coming fro her. She found her lungs rejecting the air that she tried to force down her throat. Her body began to shake violently as she attempted to breathe.

Noticing his daughter's reaction he brought the knife to her neck. He made a small incision on the left side of Sandra's neck. Her eyes opened for one last time and she saw the bloodthirsty face of her dad. A cruel smile appeared on his face as he forced the cut open with his fingers. Watching him silently as he ripped her skin away to reveal the flesh beneath, she lay there dazed and looked him in the eyes once more. As their eyes met she whispered a single word, "Daddy". Little Sandra's eyes closed and remained closed.

Her father had been struck by the power of her word and had taken a slight step backwards. Finally he began to complete his work.

The police were never called. The neighbors had ignored the dogs. The school had been notified that Sandra was going to be homeschooled for the rest of the year by her mother who had recently quit her job as a teacher. The school soon forgot about Sandra. Just about everyone forgot about Sandra. One thing, one thing remembered little Sandra. The tattered and torn bear remembered Sandra. It remembered the pain she endured. The bear would never forget Sandra.

Life moved on and Sandra's father believed he had gotten away with the task he had completed weeks ago. Now it was time to clean out her room. It was simple, being filled with the items he had provided for her, which was just that ugly yellow chair. Then he spotted the small bear on top of a stack of papers in the corner. He lifted the bear and picked up the first drawing and froze out of shock. His grip tightened around the bear as he took in the picture. "What is this?" he asked himself. He dropped the bear, gripping the page in two shaking hands.

The drawing was in black and white, but the effect was the same. It was very detailed. Sandra's father never knew about this hidden talent of hers, but she made it clear she hated her father. The drawing looked in at an angle. There, in the drawing, was Sandra's dad lying in a puddle of blood with a wide gap in his chest. Sitting in the large gap was the ragged teddy bear with a very self satisfied grin. As he peered closer at the page, he observed that his chest in the drawing seemed to be moving ever so slightly. Slowly, every so slowly, the bear's head was turning to look out at Sandra's father. The picture dropped from his hands as he ran out of the room and slammed the door behind him. He began to calm as he walked to the couch and sat down. The TV was on, but the screen was blank, except for an image of the old worn bear in the dead center of the screen. Quickly he turned the TV off and sat in silence just listening to his own heartbeat.

There was a loud knock on the door and Sandra's father jerked up from his relaxed position on the couch. Cautiously he walked towards the door. Once open a man with a package stood there with a clipboard and pen in hand. "Sign here please sir," the man asked politely. Quietly he signed and accepted the package. On the top it wasn't specified to anyone in particular, it just said '276 Autumn Lane'. It also didn't seem to have a return address. He didn't even remember his wife or his self ordering anything.

He shut the door behind the delivary man and walked back to Sandra's room with the package in hand. He analyzed the room to see what he needed to get, then set the box down near the door. He had spotted a stack of papers and her small yellow chair. He lifted the stack of papers onto the yellow chair (being careful not to look at any of the other drawings his daughter had drawn) and took them to the large trash can outside. He dumped them into the bin then walked back inside to see if he had missed anything.

Stepping inside the room, he looked about and saw he had missed nothing. He began to turn to exit the room, but as he turned he saw the bear sitting right in front of the door way.

"Henry?" the hoarse voice of his wife called as a door slammed behind her. "Henry where are you? You better have cleaned out that child's room!" she called out angrily to her husband. She appeared in the doorway and saw her husband standing there, seemingly frozen. "Oh Henry it's just a stupid bear, get over it." She picked the bear up by the arm and walked back out to the living room. "Henry you better go start di-" she was cut off by something.

Finally being brought out of his trance, he walked to the living room to see what his wife had been cut off by. He had almost forgotten about the package, almost. He picked it back up, it was heavier then before and a little damp. Henry then walked out to the living room. The box dropped from his hands with a thud as he saw what had happened. His wife lay there, her eyes open, but there was nothing but the socket themselves. She was smiling as if she was nothing but happy, which was the exact opposite of how she acted. He soon realized that her head was not attached to her body as it rolled backwards towards his feet and the sound of ripping cardboard filled the room.

Nearly puking he began to back up slowly. What was he going to do? He couldn't call the police because then he would be accused of murder and he couldn't just leave her there. He could possibly feed her to the dogs, but he couldn't bear the thought of doing that to his wife. That's when he noticed the bear. It was sitting in his wife's arms as if she were cradling the toy. He nearly turned and ran in fear, but he didn't know what good it would do him. He tried to take another step back, but something was holding him down. He looked down and panicked, a hand was holding onto his foot. Attached to that hand was an arm and to that arm a little girl, a little girl with long black hair and bloodshot eyes. There was no mistaking it, it was Sandra.

Her mouth opened and she screamed a horrible screech. Blood began to seep out of his ears. Little Sandra, in the same state as she was when she was murdered, began to crawl up his body, slowly, until he fell to the floor. His eyes darted the room, looking about for anything that would help him escape his daughter's clutches. He found nothing but the carpet itself. Taking her time, Sandra moved her head up to his ear. Once there she whispered a single, distorted word, "Daddy"

Screams drowned out her joyous laughter as she rolled over and off of him. Slowly little Sandra pulled a sharp blade out from under her skin. Carefully, she began to draw a light circle that cut through his shirt and barely into his skin. His shirt was soon saturated with blood. He seemed to be paralyzed, as if some type of spell was put over him as she crept up his body. No matter how hard he struggled, he could not get up.

She went back around the circle and cut deeper into his stomach, but did not cut all the way through. He seemed to gasp as if searching for air that was being taken from him. She went around in the circle a last time, cutting all the way through his body.

Sandra ripped the skin and flesh out of the circle until it was empty. There Henry lay, in a puddle of blood about to fade from the world. He knew exactly what he had done to deserve such a punishment. He tried to let himself fade from the world, but it was as if little Sandra wasn't letting him off the hook just yet. She turned her head towards him and gave him a sinister smile as if she were enjoying herself thoroughly.

She turned to look at her bear and motioned it over. Ever so slowly, the bear rose from the woman's arms and walked over to the girl. She held her small hand out to the bear and smiled a soft and sincere smile. Sandra lifted the bear into the center of the hole. As she did so the bear seemed to smile at her. There the bear sat in the center of the circle and its arms sitting where skin still lay. She then pulled the picture out of the bottom of the box and compared the two drawings. Sandra quickly noticed that she was missing something.

Grinning, she got up and slowly walked into the kitchen. She opened a droor and grabbed a handful of chopsticks. Each had a beautiful design, beautiful just like her mother was, her real mother. She hated that she had to taint their beauty, but things had to be done. She returned to her dad and he quickly spotted the chopsticks. His face went white as a chopstick began to push into his side. The chopstick she first used had a floral design and appeared glassy. She shoved it in until only the tip of the stick showed.

Hank turned to her and begged. "Please Sandra, please, just kill me!" He begged with her until every last chopstick was in his side. She frowned as she realized that she couldn't hold back death for much longer. She was losing her grip moment after moment. Finally while she was just watching him, he was gone. She had completely lost her grip. She felt as if she hadn't completely satisfied herself either. At this she crept out the back door and over the fence into their neighbor's yard. They had heard her screams of pain and had done nothing. They would pay.

Lawl I know it really sucks XD
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Sandra (My entry piece XD) Empty Re: Sandra (My entry piece XD)

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Are you going to go further on this? I've been looking at my old stuff and fixing it a lot, it's fun! alien sunny cherry study queen rendeer king


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Sandra (My entry piece XD) Empty Re: Sandra (My entry piece XD)

Post  alanarosa on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:48 pm

A chilling horror story! It's actually not that bad for half a year ago. Just some minor editing, and maybe go in a bit further about the details.

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Sandra (My entry piece XD) Empty Re: Sandra (My entry piece XD)

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