this is something i did at 11:45 at night so understand that but here is whatever this is

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this is something i did at 11:45 at night so understand that but here is whatever this is Empty this is something i did at 11:45 at night so understand that but here is whatever this is

Post  unknown on Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:16 pm

Who am i, what am i,

these are questions i cannot answer nor will i ever be able to answer

because i am dead i am in a place far from others and yet close enough to touch the living

i am everywhere i am nowhere

does it really matter in the least,

the main point is i am dead and i shouldn't be.

I think questions are a pointless waste of time, because here in my afterlife, or heaven there is no one to answer to answer them. This place is a sick joke and i am just a puppet to play in their pointless games. They give me this place nessled in between home and lost and i can run in circles never reaching anywhere but still "home". They keep me here, when i should be down on earth in the place of him and with the rest of the pink skinned and warm breathing living souls, but instead i am here. I am dead and they are all alive. Perfect girls do not die, they live on, to live perfect little lives, and live in perfect little communities, with perfect little friends, and perfect little pointlessness. Its not the fakeness i miss, the empty promises, and the forced love, i dont miss the fancy houses and the expensive trips. I miss breathing, i miss feeling anything except longing, I miss being able to make other people cast their eyes when i walked towards them. None of that is possible now, I am not part of them but it is not entirely impossible to become part of it again. Daddy always said when something cannot be bought make it yours.

Dead girls can't lie, its a sad truth but why would we the worst we can do is bring out cold truths that no one wants to face. In truth that accident was my fault I wasn't trying to kill anyone, but what we plan isn't what always happens. I wanted to remind then who this town belongs to and what happens when you mess with the wrong people. Some people don't get it. Dead roses, a bloody rat, little unseemly accidents, and the notes. Telling her to leave or else. She didn't tell anyone, not even when she knew the treats were serious. Not even when she died. It's funny that was never my intention but it suited my purpose well. SHe was dead and I was alive. That was for the moment. No one really knows how far a perfect girl will go to make sure her perfect world stays perfect. Thanks for underestimating me world, this made everything so much easier.


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