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Post  Jessica Swanson on Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:58 pm

Thinking of submitting this, but I have to edit it more.

Firefly Castle

Forever in sunlight,
ending in a flame.
Yellow classics under the bridge,
acting as if everything is okay.
Show me the light
Falling out of the sky with broken glory,
One more frond to burn.
Every dream disappears in the summer
Beneath a fading porch light.
Goals are things kicked into nets,
Not pursued,
And money is a wrinkled dollar bill
Clutched in the sweaty hand of a six-year-old
Standing next to an ice cream truck.
Business is a game of Monopoly
On that one rainy day every summer seems to bring.
Ethic is black and white.
Decisions are not made,
they are accepted.
Peace, for once, is more than a myth,
but August comes too soon,
and the fireflies in the jar run out of air.
Like them, we are sucking at tiny holes
poked through our lives with a screwdriver,
gasping for what we have lost.
That which we thought were fantasies
turned out to be mosquitoes.
And all we gave our souls for
Perished in the first frost.
Jessica Swanson
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