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Post  Laura Buczynski on Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:37 am

Yes, we all hate them, but they are necessary for a site to be sucessful. There won't be very many and they'll pretty much be things that are common sense.

General Board Rules
1. Don't spam - This means don't post five times in a row in the same thread. Try not to double post unless a thread has become inactive.

2. Be nice - This should be common sense, but this also means no bullying. Critiquing someone's work who has asked for it does not count as 'mean'.

3. Don't create multiple topics on the same subject. For instance if there's already a thread about auditions do not create another thread about auditions.

Prose/Poetry Rules
1. Do not steal any work from this site.

2. Everything you post must have proper capitalization and punctuation. This rule is more for prose.

3. Do not post multiple topics of the same prose/poetry.

4. Please keep most things PG-13.
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