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The Glass Table--HELP! Empty The Glass Table--HELP!

Post  Laura Buczynski on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:35 am

"So how's Cris been doing?" My nephew laid on his stomach as he was finishing his homework. He seemed to be completely engrossed in his math. After all he hadn't even opened the juice box that had been set out for him.

"Well he's been doing well in classes, but he doesn't exactly get along with the other kids. He's been sent to the principle once or twice because of problems," my sister said. She watched him scribbling something out on his paper and then write again. I couldn't help but think that soon enough my own daughter would be starting school. Even though she was only four, time seemed to pass quickly. Brushing dog hair off the leather chair, I wondered if my sister still thought of Cris as a toddler.

My sister's husband entered the room before I had the chance to reply. He had been showing my husband and daughter around their house (which was like a mansion), but now turned up alone. He bent over next to Cris to see what he was working on. A few moments later my husband walked in alone.

"Where's Kat?" I said as my husband leaned one arm against the chair I was sitting on.
"She needed to use the bathroom. I was going with her, but she said she could do it by herself."

"And you didn't stand beside the door? What if she needs you?"

"Hey, don't worry. I'm sure she'll be fine. Cris was about her age when he started going alone," my sister's husband said. It wasn't very comforting though. In fact I'd bet that it was obvious I was worried by the joke my husband cracked.

"The worst thing that could happen is that she'll fall in." A chuckle followed his words. However, I had to make sure that my baby was okay.

"Where's your bathroom?" I said as I stood up.

"Go down the hallway and take a right. From there it's the second door on your left." She pointed as she described which way to go. As I walked through the hallway I couldn't help but notice the decor. A thin table that followed the hallway down had large rocks laying across it. One of them appeared to be missing. On the walls there were finger painting that I assumed Cris had done. None of them were framed, just tacked on the wall. Next year our apartment would be full of Kat's artwork.

"Sweet pea, are you okay in there?" The back of my hand knocked lightly against the bathroom door. When there wasn't a reply, I trekked back to the living room where everyone sat.

"Do you guys have an upstairs bathro-" A crash interrupted me. We turned around and looked outside the sliding glass door onto the porch. A rock had crushed the glass table that was surrounded by chairs with floral covering. My sister was the first to open the door and look at the damage. Of course we all filed outside to see the shards smashed against the pavement.

Right above the porch was a small balcony. Standing on the balcony was Kat who was looking down with curious eyes at the shattered table. She started to giggle and my husband ran to find her. I would have gone to get her, but I was embarrassed. My cheeks felt hot and I stared down at the pavement.

"I'm so sorry. We'll buy you a new table." Although I wasn't sure when we'd be able to afford one as nice as the one Kat had smashed.

"Don't worry about it, kids'll be kids," my sister said as her husband slipped back inside to get a broom.


Okay so can I have a bit of help here? I've been working on this story this past week and I'm not sure what else to do with it or what else I can add in the meat of it to make it better. >:S HELP!
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