Taking Grandma to Lunch

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Taking Grandma to Lunch Empty Taking Grandma to Lunch

Post  unknown on Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:17 pm

It's like walking through peanut butter or trying
to swim in a tub of it catching your arms
on false creaminess that solidifies
like cement. Peak in some of the rooms and
they all look the same. One tragic fairy-tale
ending to the next. Turn your head and the hallway
seems to become larger like
liquid vertigo. Maybe this is what they see
when hey leave. The same hallway they never got
to escape with doors jammed with walkers
and wheelchairs. You thought there might be angels cackeling
or the screech of the those pearly gates, but all you can hear is
the shuffling of her swollen princess feet for a lunch
with shaking dainty hands.

I wrote this after visiting my grandma in a nursing home. Edits please =)


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