Maybe, Dedicated to Bob Dylan

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Maybe, Dedicated to Bob Dylan Empty Maybe, Dedicated to Bob Dylan

Post  Jessica Swanson on Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:23 pm

Every night,
in a lonely house
there is a girl whose lips move in answerless prayers,
and she thinks of the wars she tries to end
with her muted whispers.
Her chapped lips might as well be tracing lyrics,
and maybe she’s found an answer in a poem by the other Dylan,
not the one that made her cry
with the raging against the light
and the men with meteors in their eyes,
the one that she knew but didn’t,
but didn’t,
and maybe it wasn’t a poem,
maybe it was song lyrics
silent and tuneless,
a message lost between the headphones miles away.
Maybe if she could find the peace she sought
in a poem not-poem that sprung from Duluth, Minnesota,
and maybe she wished she could hear for real,
instead of the chords that ring in her head,
inventions of her own imagination.
And maybe, maybe, maybe,
the answer was blowin’ in the wind.
Jessica Swanson
Jessica Swanson

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