Fallen Angel Last Chapter (My entry piece)

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Fallen Angel Last Chapter (My entry piece) Empty Fallen Angel Last Chapter (My entry piece)

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Kimi wasn’t sure where he was at first. Only aware that everything was a black void, blacker than a moonless night. He couldn’t even see his hands in front of his face. He tried screaming, but found no sound escaping his throat. Then trying to fly, he soon remembered his wings were long dead. He started moving but he stumbled every time he tried to walk, falling onto the cold ground, which felt like hard, jagged frozen sidewalks, Kimi cursed. If this is what he had to endure for the rest of existence, he would rather have let the poison keep burning through his body.


Kimi wasn’t sure how long it had been; a few weeks, a few days, maybe even only a few hours, he kept walking, stumbling, and falling onto what he called the icy concrete, endless black was stretched far and wide. No light seemed to come from anywhere; no wall seemed to indicate an end, just a black never-ending void.
This time, when Kimi fell, he closed his eyes, though it made no difference in the dark, he decided to give in.
He had nothing left, Lillian was dead, and his brother and sisters were probably on the cruise ship, planning a funeral.
Wandering the dark void forever, no Heaven or Hell to take him, Kimi fell letting the coldness of the ice move through him, numbing his body.
He soon grew used to it; he found a way to be happy with endless cold wrapping its fingers over his body, drawing him into a peaceful and numb sleep.
No Kimi… Don’t let the Darkness win… Your journey is almost over.
Kimi’s eyes shot open at the sound of his dead love’s voice; if it was really Lillian, he had to keep going… maybe something better than this waited, something like love.


Kimi moved on, more anxious than ever, stumbling and falling no matter how many times, he never stopped, though the numbness offered rest, he did not take it.
Soon, the air that scraped his lungs was cold and hard, Kimi coughed, and then kept going. He coughed again, this time it was more severe. He still didn’t stop. Coughing again, this time feeling all breath gone, lungs aching… he fell to the floor. Feeling the numbness clutches growing over his body, trying to claim its victim.
Kimi screamed over and over; trying to fight the numbness, trying to keep it from drawing him into the Darkness.
Don’t fight it Kimi, welcome it…
He heard a disturbing voice ring through his head; he still refused to give the darkness what demanded.
Kimi heard his scream this time, he continued to scream over and over, until he felt the numbness release him, feeling fresh air flow through his lungs, the stumbled to his feet, running and never stopping once.
Something incredible happened in that moment.
A white light appeared within the void, a light that opened its arms and offered warmth.
Kimi stared in awe as he saw who emerged from the light.
Lillian stepped forward, wearing a long white and gold silk dress that covered her feet, a sash a wrapped gently around her neck and tucked under her arms. Her golden locks glowed against her gentle face, and her auburn eyes sparkled as she walked. Her wings were the most amazing feature, each one spread out long and wide, her long feathers dragged against the ground, each one with a beautiful crease. They were whiter and softer than any Kimi had ever seen.
“Lillian…” Kimi could barely find his breath, whispering to his love.
Lillian took his hand, as she did so, a wonderful light emerged, and they were no longer in the dark void, no cold sidewalks, either.
“Kimi… many have fought the darkness, and lost, staying forever in that dark void. But if you keep fighting, you will end up in a better place.” Lillian whispered, and then opened her arm to a place with a white light shining all around, everything was beautiful. The entire plain was glistening with crystal, a soft and Heavenly voice that was impossible to copy sang through the fields, everything was even more beautiful than the glorious crystals of his Celestial Twilight; the ground beneath Kimi’s feet was soft, even plusher than carpet.
“Lillian…” Kimi put his hand to her cheek and caressed her face, Lillian smiled.
“Let the light restore your broken wings Kimi, as it has done mine.”
Kimi closed his eyes gently, feeling a warm light surge through his body, when he opened his eyes; his wings were as graceful and beautiful as Lillian’s. His clothing had transformed from ripped, blood stained rags into elegant white and gold robes.
Looking to Lillian he smiled, “Shall we dance?”
Lillian nodded, and then held up her hand as Kimi reached forward. “Am I granted one kiss?” She asked playfully, Kimi chuckled and kissed her warm, luscious lips.
And they began to dance.


Kaze sighed as she stared out to a beautiful starry sky, everyone was back at home on the crystal city of Celestial Twilight, and a funeral had taken place for both Kimi and Lillian.
Kimi had found love, they rejected his love, Yuuki and Zaki acted as if they didn’t care, but they had stronger pride than Kaze.
It must be wonderful… She had said between sobs, To always hide your feelings so no one thinks less of you.
Watching the stars, they looked as if they began to dance.
Kaze turned to Nathanial as he draped a blanket across her shoulders and handed her a cup of hot chocolate.
“It must be hard losing your little brother…” He whispered kindly, “He was a nice kid…”
Kaze stared, watching stars shoot across the sky, soon forming two familiar figures…
“Lillian… K-Kimi…” She held her breath at the elegance of their dance.
Tears dripping off her cheeks, Nathanial kissed her and held her close.

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